There are some limitations to the existing method of loading programs from a USB memory stick:

For C64 programs that need a joystick, only joystick port 2 is currently usable. This will be improved with our advanced loader, coming in a future firmware update. Sorry if this means a short delay until you can use your favourite program correctly.

At the present time, THEC64 Mini can only load .d64 files using the current method. This will change when the advanced loader is released!

Joystick buttons other than the MENU button and the two main FIRE buttons currently have no functionality in programs loaded from a USB memory stick. Again, this will change when the advanced loader is released.

Due to licensing requirements, we cannot offer advice as to which programs currently work using this method and which ones do not.

All the supplied games are pre-configured to work correctly on THEC64 Mini. The advanced loader will significantly increase the number of programs that work, and we are planning to get this firmware upgrade ready for release as soon as possible.

Multi-disk Games

Provided that the first disk of a multi-disk program works correctly, you can swap disks on THEC64 Mini at the required moment. For a two-disk program, the current procedure is as follows:

  1. When you are asked to change or flip disks in the program, press the MENU button on the Joystick and save your current position in one of the four slots available to BASIC
  2. Exit to the Carousel and then remove the USB memory stick from THEC64 Mini
  3. Insert the USB memory stick into a computer and rename THEC64-drive8.d64 to something else memorable – let’s say MYDISK1.d64
  4. Copy the second disk image file to the USB stick and name it THEC64-drive8.d64
  5. Pop the USB stick back into THEC64 Mini, ensuring you’re still on the Carousel screen
  6. Launch BASIC from the Carousel
  7. Press the MENU button on the Joystick and load the position you saved earlier from one of the slots on THEC64 Mini
  8. Follow any on-screen instructions from your program regarding what to do next.

If at some point the program needs the first disk again, follow the above instructions from step 1, but this time rename THEC64-drive8.d64 on the memory stick to something else (e.g. MYDISK2.d64), then rename the other disk image file to THEC64-drive8.d64).

As with all other aspects of loading programs, this will be significantly improved with our advanced loader.