Loading Other Programs

In addition to the games supplied with THEC64 Mini, you can also run your own legally obtained C64 programs (including games, demos, utilities and so on) by following these simple instructions:

First step: Preparation

1. You need a USB memory stick (maximum size of 64Gb) which must be formatted using FAT32
2. Copy the d64 disk file that contains the program you want to load onto the root of the USB memory stick
3. Rename your disk file on the memory stick to THEC64-drive8.d64
4. You are now ready to load your program on THEC64 Mini.

Second step: Loading your Program

1. Make sure you’re at the Carousel screen then insert your USB stick into THEC64 Mini
2. Launch BASIC from the Carousel
3. Type the following two commands exactly as shown here:

LOAD “$”,8

4. Identify the name of the program you want to run from the list displayed
5. Type the following command, replacing NAME with the name of the program from step 4:


6. Some programs will load and start automatically. For others, you may need to type the following command afterwards:


7. Re-live your childhood memories!


Don’t forget to press RETURN after typing each command!

You’ll be pleased to know that we will be providing an easier and more powerful program loader in a future firmware update.

For information about Troubleshooting or how to load multi-disk programs, please see here.